Led by Sanford Schulman, the Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan brings to each client over three decades of experience and many ‘not guilty’ verdicts. With your life, livelihood, and that of your family’s on the line, you don’t just deserve a team that goes to bat for you on a daily basis, you absolutely need one. Our attorneys spare no effort, skill, or determination in serving defendants and their families. We strive to provide an unparalleled level of commitment and ability to your case—precisely when you need it most.

Our team at Federal Criminal Attorneys of Michigan brings over 30 years of knowledge that covers all areas of federal and criminal defense. Though we specialize in a unique set of federal cases, our wide range of experience instills in Sanford Schulman and his team an unmatched versatility. The Federal Attorneys of Michigan see each case from a critical angle. Furthermore, we leverage our relationships and past experience with specific prosecutors and judges to glean unique insights for your defense. 

Our attorneys have worked with countless individuals facing federal charges in the State of Michigan. Call us at (313) 963-4740 for your free consultation today.